Why Las Vegas Is a Great Honeymoon Destination

Las Vegasis synonymous with stag and hen parties and its popularity as a wedding destination is equally well documented. However, did you realise that Las Vegas is also one of the world’s most popular honeymoon destinations. When you sit down and think about it, it’s not hard to work out why. Here are a few reasons:-

Las Vegasis tremendous value. In fact, it’s one of the best places in the world to stay in 5-star luxury without breaking the bank and let’s face it, most of us don’t have a bottomless money pit especially when you’ve just paid for your big wedding day and Las Vegas travel packages offer exceptional value.

Las Vegasis great fun! You don’t have to be into gambling to enjoy Las Vegas. There are so many things for the newly-wedded couple to enjoy. How about going to see a show? For many people, going to see one of the big shows is the highlight of their holiday to Las Vegas. Stay at one of the luxurious resorts such as the Bellagio or the Venetian and enjoy your romantic honeymoon to the full. World-class spa treatments, luxurious shopping, relaxing by the beautiful lagoon-like swimming pools. If you want to really lay on the romance why not take a gondola ride along the Venetian Resort’s Grand Canal, serenaded by your own gondolier or enjoy a romantic meal at the top of Paris Las Vegas’ replica Eiffel Tower.

Las Vegasis also surrounded by some of the most beautiful natural scenery. You could rent a car and drive to some of the national parks that lie close to the city. Twenty miles west of Vegas is Red Rocks, an area of outstanding desert landscape. Stop off at the visitors centre to learn more about the desert environment and enjoy a quiet hike or a picnic within the park. The Grand Canyon is also within easy reach of Las Vegas. You can drive there for a long day out but by far the easiest option is to take a helicopter flight from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon for a unique perspective on this breath-taking natural wonder of the world. There are numerous companies offering a range of flights and packages encompassing the Grand Canyon, Colorado River, the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead.

Black Books

Black Books was a sitcom that ran from 2000 to 2004 on Channel 4. It chronicles the life of cantankerous bookshop owner Bernard Black, his helpful and likeable assistant Manny Bianco, and his self-absorbed, overanxious friend Fran Katzenjammer. Black is played by my future husband, Dylan Moran, and is portrayed as an irritable pessimist, who likes cheap wine and good books, and has no business having a job that involves greeting people. Bernard has a strong dislike for his customers, closes the shop when he feels like it and has a general disregard for people he encounters. He doesn’t like going out, instead he likes chain-smoking and drinking copious amounts of wine, even when he’s working. Manny is played by Bill Bailey, and is a friendly hippy of sorts who’s had an interesting life, but is frequently demoralised by Black who doesn’t appreciate his efforts. Manny is the opposite of Bernard, has a lot of friends and enjoys travelling and meeting new people. Fran, played by Tamsin Greig, is an old friend of Bernard’s, and has a shop full of useless knick knacks next door. The show takes place in Bernard’s small shop in London, and has guest stars such as Johnny Vegas, Simon Pegg, Keith Allen and Rob Brydon, to name a few.

The first series opens with Bernard having problems doing his accounts, since his accountant is corrupt and gets caught, and Bernard has a highly disorganised method of recording his taxes. He finds various ways to distract himself, before eventually deciding that if he injures himself he can avoid doing the accounts. Manny comes to his rescue, and offers to do his accounts for him. Bernard isn’t a fan of Manny in the shop at first, but after some convincing from Fran, agrees to take him on permanently. Manny soon notices that the shop is as shabby and disorganised as Bernard, and he soon turns into the long-suffering assistant. Fran keeps the three of them together though, and the surreal exploits they get up to in the bookshop will have you in stitches.

We get a glimpse of life in the bookshop through Bernard’s eyes, as his customers are frequently annoying and demanding, and are appalled by his unprofessional manner. Bernard, Fran and Manny soon have madcap experiences involving house-sitting, going to dinner parties, dating, getting locked out, and running away from home.

Bernard takes an interest in dating in the second series, as he convinces a customer that he’s a keen piano player and stalks Fran’s neighbour. Manny is fearful that the hot Summer will trigger a condition he suffers from known as ‘Dave’s Syndrome,’ and Fran looks up her Eastern European roots. Bernard and Manny try their hands at being chefs, teach a convict how to read and the three friends go on the cheapest holiday available. No character is excluded in any episode, and their neuroses are central to the plot, which is hilarious to watch. Bernard finds new ways to degrade Manny, stays true to his belligerent personality and discovers Freud. Manny is still treated as Bernard’s servant-like sidekick, before eventually standing up for himself. Fran discovers yoga and healthy living thanks to a condescending friend, and remains hopeless in her quest for a boyfriend. Her business goes bankrupt but she gets a job through a friend of Manny’s, which doesn’t last long.

The third series is equally fantastic, as we see Bernard cope when Manny gets a job at a high-end bookstore, where Manny is failing to fit in. When they’re eventually reunited, all manner of hilarity ensues, including writing a children’s book, meeting Manny’s parents, and getting into gambling. Fran goes to a hen party with some old friends, which proves to be less fun than she thought, as they get drunk and expose some revelations. A dashing travel writer comes to the shop, and Manny and Fran continue on their quest to get Bernard out of the shop and into society.

If I were forced to choose a favourite series, it would probably be the second, but that’s not to say the other two aren’t completely incredible, because they are. Black Books is a timeless comedy you can watch again and again and still find hilarious, making it a rare gem. The dialogue alone makes this show entertaining. Dylan Moran co-wrote the show with Graham Linehan, and they decided three series was enough. This makes sense, as there are too many television programmes today that exceed their welcome, and Black Books went out on a high. If you want to watch something that is genuinely funny and will have you laughing out loud, I’d highly recommend Black Books.

10 Best Las Vegas Buffets You Cannot Miss!

Las Vegas-the infamous “Sin City”, not only satiates your gambling hands but also gratifies your gluttonous gut with its amazing buffets. If you are somebody who loves to feast on a wide range of dishes all assorted at one place: Vegas buffets are the place to be! From champagne to shrimps-salads, sushi, BBQs, and desserts; Vegas buffets are a paradise for any food connoisseur. Best of all, the buffet prices are affordable and if you join slot clubs of some hotels or happen to attend any presentation of a timeshare salesman you might end-up with a free ticket to the best of buffets! Go munch on crab legs, whole Maine lobsters, prime ribs and slurp on your favourite desserts. Here is the list of 10 Best Las Vegas buffets you cannot miss out:

Bellagio Buffet: Bellagio offers a wide variety of dishes, especially sea food, desserts, and salads that are unique-you won’t find at other buffets! About four to five thousand people are estimated to eat here every day enjoying boiled shrimp, smoked salmon, crab legs, oysters, thin-crusted pizzas, and duck and game hens. Gourmet is available every Friday and Saturday in Bellagio when carved-to-order beef is available along with Kobe beef, Beef wellington, lamb chops, venison and buffalo. Some delicious desserts available here are: fruit cobblers, peanut butter brownies and white chocolate with novella.

Sterling Brunch at Bally’s: Bally’s offers its sterling brunch only on Sundays and you are ought to get confused what to choose-the menu is diverse and pleases everyone’s taste buds for sure! The breakfast starts with waffles and omelettes, including Maine lobsters and ostrich tenderloin. The list of appetizers available is too long, but to name a few-American Sturgeon Caviar, assortment of cured meats and French country pates, shrimp salad, and lobster gazpacho. The carving station includes Cranberry Crusted Rack of Lamb, Teriyaki Glazed Whole Beef Tenderloin and Horseradish Scented Pork Loin. Desserts include-an array of assorted breakfast breads, French Pastries, Pies and Tortes, seasonal mixed berries, Pecan Crepe and Vanilla Sauce. Bally’s is a nice place to have wedding breakfast or a business brunch and is a true feast for a buffet fan.

The Buffet at Wynn: Buffet at Wynn offers fresh cuisine throughout the day in a wonderful ambience-floored with tiles and marbles, the locale is decorated with fresh flowers. Breakfast includes Salmon Benedict, and fish like Tuna and Snapper, Shellfish and Cakes. Besides, you have delicious prime rib, Chinese dumplings, Sushi and Salad. Different varieties of home-made pasta like Pumpkin Ravioli and Gnocchi in brown butter sauce should not be missed! Meat lovers can feast on Veal short ribs, Pork chops, lamb T-bone, Tandoori Chicken-Tom Turkey and Prime rib being the favourites at the carving station. Carrot cakes with pecans; gelato and sorbet should not be missed as desserts. Coffee is offered before desserts here, which is a pleasing combo!

The Wicked Spoon: dining here happens in a very stylish ambience, with appealing hand blown chandeliers, yellow lighting and dark woods. Food stations here serve carved Turkey, prime rib and dim sum. Korean beef, chicken pot pies, steak with chimichurri sauce, kalbi beef, fried shrimp balls, risotto and sushi are other mouth-watering delicacies served here. Happy hours are available with various beers and cocktails; desserts include chocolate layered strawberries, crepes, gelato and fudge.

Bacchanal Buffet: Bacchanal is one of the extravagant places to dine on the strip, conceived and created by master-chefs. The best part is the chefs are interactive and cooking happens before you. You have a range of exotic cuisines to choose from at Bacchanal-enchiladas, tortillas, and sopapillas (Mexican); pastas and lasagna (Italian); soups, wok-fried dishes and dim sum (Chinese); sushi and sashimi (Japanese); besides the usual American BBQ house smoked meats, prime rib, brisket, rotisserie chicken and more! Save your bellies for desserts like crepes with fresh fruit, gelato, chocolate, macaroons, mousse cakes and cheese cake.

Cravings: the best part of Cravings is, it has different carving stations-categorized! Italian, Chinese, Latin stations serving noodles, sushi and barbecue; you get authentic exotic dishes at Carvings – which you rarely find at other stations. There’s a very nice salad bar too.

Carnival World Buffet: the ambience here resembles as if you’re inside a cruise ship. If you prefer ambience equally with the quality of food, this is the place to be. There’s a Teppenyaki station here where you can create your own food, and it’s made right in front of you – fresh! The joy of creating your own food and seeing it made right before your eyes-and all that happening in a couple of minutes, served deliciously; will make you crave for more. Homemade pies, pastries and cakes are also available here.

The Village Seafood Buffet: this is the only seafood exclusive buffet on the strip. You have sushi and sashimi from Japan, dim sum from China and mariscos from Mexico. You shouldn’t miss lobsters and lobster tails here, lobster tails with drawn butter are yummy, also baby clams with butter and garlic. Gelato is available as a dessert. Besides, BBQ beef ribs, prime rib and chicken dishes are also available for meat lovers.

Le Village Buffet: divided into different French regions, set-up in a village like background-sweet and savory crepes are a speciality here. Quiche Lorraine and steamed mussels are available from the Normandy region; prime rib and roasted beef represent Burgundy. Pre-cracked crab legs with melted butter are not to be missed here, which you almost find nowhere!

The Buffet at Aria: Jumbo shrimp cocktails, rack of lamb, steamed fresh crab legs, mussels in garlic, very tender prime rib, sushi, pizza, kababs and naan are the signature dishes here. Desserts include, cookies, crème brulee and ice cream; besides cheese cakes, short cakes and cream puffs are available.